The past two days have been electrifying, Laaawwwwdddd Lawwwwdddd!!!! i got more than i bargained for, and when it becomes your word against a celebrity’s, then Jesus has to come to your rescue.

Allow me start the story from the very beginning, i’m a writer yea…(dont even roll your eyes) i am jor, why else are you ready this… I had some time ago, (i’m saying some time ago because i cant exactly remember how long ago it was) put up a picture on instagram with a “Dear future husband”caption, a couple of my followers liked it….loved it as a matter of fact…. That caption was mine, all mine….. from my heart.

Fast forward to thursday the 22nd of june 2017, while in the office talking on the phone with my friend Sinmi and going through instragram, i saw a post on instablog9ja, This Rosy girl they said stole Tonto Dikeh’s husband was being dragged on social media for doing a dear future husband post, and you know how social media is, bunch of chill-less people. I open the said post and ALAS!!!… its was my “deleted” dear future husband post……Roxy Meurer had copied it…word for word (she nor even remain anything for me the owner) except of course she added her be a boss lady anthem to it.

As a writer, that for me was a heartbreaking moment….very heartbreaking. I do not follow Roxy on IG, neither does she follow me, how in heaven did she then see a post and caption i had deleted months ago and lifted it on her page with her yellow picture several months after???? Non of these questions were more hurtful than the fact that i dint have proof to show that the write up was mine, since i had deleted it from instagram and dint have it on any other of my social media pages.

But as someone that serves a living God…lol, i remembered that i added my phone number on whatsapp, that way if i get inspired to write anything and i’m on transit i can just type it, send it to myself and post it up later, i quickly went to my phone and started scrolling through, to see if i’d find this write up, Bless Jesus i did…. and at that point i had a fight.

My broken screen Q5 blackberry that does not have pic mix could not do the magic for me, so i screen grabbed all posts and sent to Sinmi to help merge the pictures so i can post on instagram and tell Aunty Roxy wehdone ma for tiffing what is mine.

If you know me well, i’m not one to crave for attention or unnecessary fame (kini mo fe fi se?) i love my peace and quiet, so all those thinking in did it for publicity, if only you had seen how my heart was pumping fast when i was posting that picture….i just wanted the stealing of my post and captions to stop,  i had endured it for too long, i actually stopped writing because of it. People would steal your post and not even give you due credit.

I sha put a post up with all three screen munches of the write up from my whatsapp which dates back to August 27th 2016 and Roxy’s post from days ago and had a few friends re-post it, some even started tagging blogs…If only i knew.

Aunty Rozy pressed P ohhh…. she called me out, blocked me, and all my friends who went on her page to say the post she had up was mine.

Next day, my small palasa phone was buzzing off the hook…Kilode! BLOGSSSSS, had carried it ohhhh, i was trending everywhere, Ahh, who send me was what i kept asking myself, Trust instagram people na, some cursed me and said i was looking for fame, (Fame shaaa) others fired Aunty Rozy calling her gboko gboko, some people insulted Instablog sef for carrying story that dinor epp the problem of Nigeria….

Did i achieve my motive? Not really, cause she dint take down the post nor apologise…Aunty yen stubborn gan, Na only blockage i get,lol….. I trended for a while (that dint feel good, cos everyone was calling me to say they saw my pictures and posts everywhere and i had to keep explaining, she stole my letter to my future husband write up ni ooooo………

To my ‘AMAZEMENTNESS’ i got a shocker of my life…..

I’d discuss that in my next post..

Yours Truly,

Ore Aunty Roxy